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Tax Compensation
Refund Service​

Leading export car manufacturing company Has delivered parts and auto parts from Thai manufacturing plants. Before proceeding with this program, with a large number of products per year for delivery to suppliers' foreign addresses around the world. Leading export tire manufacturing company Checked the delivery of documents to the Customs Department in order to request a refund of tax compensation.

Local scheduling and routing of document requests via email to relevant parties. The manual process is time consuming. Inefficiency cost them money. There is also no way to communicate or follow up. To expedite these important arrangements, required and missing documents must be systematically collected.

LTSS provides a BUNDIT SYSTEM service for all document tracking and delivery. of delivering parts and spare parts to car manufacturing's customs department for efficient and cost-effective tax reimbursement.

LTSS designs a system that is completely customizable to the requires of the customer, and this information is used to develop work processes that continuously improve efficiency. which will consist of :

  • EDI

  • Summary Packing List​

  • Export Entry

  • Invoice / Tax Invoice

  • Air Way Bill​

  • Credit No.​

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