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Point to Point
Transportation & Yard​

Every year, leading export tire manufacturing companies ship tires from Thailand to suppliers. before proceeding with this program Leading export tire manufacturer has personally checked domestic bookings for quantity and delivery time.

Export tire manufacturing leader Manage domestic order scheduling and routing via email with vendors and couriers. The manual process is time consuming and inefficient, and they miss out on opportunities to reduce trucking costs and delivery volume. There is also no way to communicate and track Booking systematically in order to expedite the fulfillment of these critical orders.

LTSs provides a BUNDIT SYSTEM service for efficient and cost-effective end-to-end tracking of domestic tire shipments to tire manufacturing.

LTSs designs a system that is completely customizable to the needs of the customer, and this information is used to develop work processes that continuously improve efficiency. which will consist of :

  • Plan Customer booking Volume.​

  • Actual  Customer booking Volume.​

  • Cancelled Customer booking Volume.​

  • Total Shipment​

  • Status 0409​

  • Transportation tracking.​

  • Etc.

The BUNDIT SYSTEM can also measure KPI levels on a monthly. which will be as follows :

  1. Safety Report

    • Number of accident​

    • Summary of the injury case

    • Number of non-standard tires

  2. Volume Report

    • Weekly booking request summary​

    • Compare booking plan / actual

  3. Quality Report

    • The tire condition​

  4. Evaluation Report LTSs

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